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5 Sep 2014

Rome was our next stop on our European journey. We booked flights on Easyjet from Paris and got to Rome in about an hour. From the airport, we took the train towards the city to get to our lodging.

At the train station

At the train station

We booked Domus Appia Antica via booking.com, a bed and breakfast which is a bit far from the city center but the rates were really cheap (cheaper than the hostels in Rome city center) and the place was like having our own house since there were no other guests at that time.

The family room that we booked was in the basement of the house and we were all surprised at the size of the room. It was like an entire house by itself!

After getting settled in, we decided to head out to eat. It was already around 6pm by this time. There were no supermarkets or food stalls within the vicinity of the bed and breakfast so we took the bus (which was covered by the unlimited Rome city pass) towards Piramide and found a quaint little place that served some Italian snacks like pizza, calzone, and other sandwiches. Afterwards, we found a convenience store and bought some snacks for breakfast the next day.


The next day, we went on our official tour of Rome. We took the train towards Rome city center, and once we got there we found a restaurant that served a full course (appetizer, main course, dessert/drinks) Italian meal for only €10. It was a “splurge” for the likes of us but we figured it was worth it because Italy is known for its great food, after all.



We were supposed to join the free walking tour of Rome, but again, we lost track of time and wasn’t able to make the meeting place on time so we decided to tour the city by ourselves.

We got to Vatican City by following the crowds. There were so many tourists despite the cold weather, so by summer season I’m sure the crowds would have swelled to Baclaran proportions. We visited St. Peter’s Square and Basilica but I missed out on the Sistine chapel because the lines were too long.


After Vatican City, we went to Rome proper and toured the usual tourist sights.

The next day we visited Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and the Spanish steps.




And in between, we ate. A lot.

I enjoyed the food in Rome more than I did the sights. The prices were reasonable and the tastes were great. I would love to go back to Rome just for the food alone.

Rome. Mostly Food. Rome was our next stop on our European journey. We booked flights on Easyjet from Paris and got to Rome in about an hour.

19 Aug 2014

Classic Paris

Classic Paris

19 Aug 2014


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19 Aug 2014

I made my travel dreams come true! :)

27 Jul 2014

And I started working out again, which is good, you know, healthy.

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20 Jul 2014


I must have these.


I must have these.

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27 Apr 2014



Guys, I’m getting a lot of hair related questions in my messages by girls who tell me “I want white! I want gray! I want pastel lilac!”

and i am posting this video by this asian girl who tells you what to realistically expect if you are bleaching BLACK ASIAN HAIR.

I mean, she’s obviously not an expert, and she doesn’t seem to know that bleaching isn’t the same as dyeing, but her experience is ACCURATE.

She tells you that it’s hard to get past anything other than orange because Asian hair is hard to bleach. It doesn’t lighten like Western hair does.

And if you bleach it over and over again in an attempt to get to white, it will be super damaged and gross. So what she did was tone the orange hair she got, and she ended up with this dark blonde. Then she has to go through a resting period before attempting to bleach any more.

There’s a reason why I have never had white hair, and it’s because I refuse to have brittle, damaged hair. And I STILL have dry ends, by the way. After all my precautions, I still have damage. This is not an exaggeration, so heed my warning. Other girls may have gone white in the span of 1 week, but they ended up chopping 4 to 5 inches off their ends in the process. There was this one Filipino girl who got white hair - she did it over the course of TEN months. She was super patient and dedicated and did not bleach all in one day/week.

Do’s and dont’s:

1. Never double process. It’s tempting to bleach twice in a day. DON’T DO IT.

2. Don’t bleach more than once a month.

3. You are free to not follow my advice and not listen to a single word I say, but you can also expect fried hair.

4. Deep condition or else your dry ends will turn into split ends which will turn into no ends because they will fall off. Silcone-free conditioners are preferred.

5. Don’t use 40 vol peroxide/developer when 20 vol will work just as well. If you are bleaching virgin black hair, 40 vol a.k.a 12% will work. After that, use 30 vol a.k.a 9% or 20 vol a.k.a 6%.

6. Don’t aspire to get light, pastel, unnatural colors unless
    a. you are a natural blonde or
    b. you are willing to fry your dark hair to get to a blonde stage.
    c. you are patient and able to space out your bleaching/bleach baths to once every 4-6 weeks.

7. Semi-permanent dyes that require no peroxide are always better than permanent dyes, but they will only work on light hair. Permanent dyes are the ones that require peroxide and will definitely damage your hair (but you should already accept this before using permanent dyes).

8. Don’t do a full on bleaching when a diluted bleach, a bleach cap, or a bleach bath will work in its stead.

9 If you have hair that isn’t bleached pale blonde, then darker colors will work better than pastel ones. Colors that work well (dark pink, orange, dark red, bright red, dark purple, regular purple, and green - you do this by putting blue on yellow hair, making it green).

10.Colors that will only work on light/neutral hair, meaning you will have to do some bleaching or toning past the ginger stage first: (turquoise, blue, blue violet, pastel colors, *gray, silver white «—these three are frowned upon in forums if you have to kill your hair to get them. It is only acceptable to attempt silver hair if you already have light hair to begin with, because it’s not worth the damage.)

11. use the color wheel when making dye choices. If your hair is yellow, don’t put a blue color on it hoping for a blue. Of course it will turn green, just like paints when mixed together do. Instead tone it to neutralize it.

If you currently have pink hair, then the next sensible color to dye it is purple (by putting blue on the pink) or orange (by putting yellow on the pink). That way your base color doesn’t fight your next color and you don’t get weird fading colors.

Another example: If you have green hair, the next sensible colour is blue or yellow. Adding blue to green hair makes it blue-green, adding yellow to green hair makes it yellow green.  If you put pink on green hair, it will turn brown.

12. Again, when it comes to dyeing/bleaching your own hair, there will be damage, period. There are just ways to damage it a little, and ways to damage it a lot. So if you’re careful, you’ll walk away with a LITTLE damage, and you can count yourself lucky.

3 Dec 2013


this video is amazinggggg


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27 Sep 2013


How adorable

Carrie Mulligan is so kyot. :3

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17 Sep 2013

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10 Sep 2013


i am heading over to new york the 29th, and since i’m a huge vampire weekend- fan (and they’re from nyc LOL) i decided to make a list of vampire weekend related places i need to visit during my stay. however i’m sure i’ve missed some, so please help me fill up this list!! hopefully i’ll be able to…

If I ever visit NYC, this will be the exact itinerary.

9 Sep 2013

Ezra Koenig - April 8, 1984

Hi, pogi. :3

6 Sep 2013


Ezra Koenig’s reaction to fans screaming “we love you” and “marry me” on EBS Space 

Ezra <3

5 Sep 2013



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15 Aug 2013


na-umentohan ka nga, mas mababa naman ang net pay mo. KENTHABITOL!


na-umentohan ka nga, mas mababa naman ang net pay mo. KENTHABITOL!